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The hardwood installation process

Before you make a purchase, we’ll send out an estimator to measure your home and determine how much product you’ll need. This helps minimize waste in addition to cutting costs for you. Once your installation has been scheduled, you’ll have a chance to speak to your installer.

Before your installation, you'll need to allow your hardwood to acclimate to the temperature and moisture level of the room. We'll discuss this further with you and arrange for a time to deliver the hardwood prior to your installation so that it can acclimate.

There are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • If you need to paint or want to install new fixtures, do these tasks before your installation.
  • We’ll move all your furniture out of the space. However, you’ll be responsible for moving smaller items such as lamps, electronics, décor & wall hangings and emptying any closets. Larger, oversized items (think pianos or grandfather clocks) may not be within our realm of capability, so be sure to let us know about any unusual objects you have in your space. We can arrange for a third party to help move these if necessary.
  • We can remove & dispose of your existing flooring. In doing so, we’ll remove any molding or trim from the room’s perimeter and prep your subfloor so that it’s clean & level for installation. Note that you may need to repair, replace, or repaint your molding or trim if it gets damaged during removal. Our team will be as careful as possible, but these elements are often fragile and we cannot be held responsible if they’re damaged.
  • Note that our team will likely need the use of electrical outlets to power their tools while in your workspace.

On the day of the installation, please make sure an adult member of your household is home at your scheduled installation time. Keep children or pets away from the workspace to prevent injury. Report any post-installation issues as soon as possible so we can return to fix them if needed. Otherwise, it's up to you to properly maintain your new hardwood flooring!