Carpet Care & Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance will keep your carpet looking and feeling its best for many years to come!

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Establishing a proper vacuuming routine

When it comes to carpet care, vacuuming is one of the most important things you can do. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners tend to make is waiting to vacuum until the carpet looks dirty. Tiny, unseen particles of soil will embed themselves in the fibers of your carpet with daily use. This soil can wear away at fibers, causing irreversible damage.

Vacuum high-traffic areas daily and medium-traffic areas twice per week. All other areas should be vacuumed at least weekly. Adjust your vacuum’s height for each surface in your home. Setting it too high above the surface will fail to pick up heavier soil, while setting it too low could fray the surface pile.

Every 18 months, hire a professional to perform a deep cleaning using the hot water extraction method to refresh the carpet’s texture and appearance.

Preventative maintenance

A little preventative maintenance will do wonders when it comes to prolonging the life and beauty of your carpet. First, always remove shoes before walking across your carpet, especially if you've been outside. Next, make sure you keep pets' nails trimmed so that they don't snag on your carpet's fibers. 

Dealing with spills & stains

We know you run a really busy home, whether you’re frequently entertaining guests or constantly picking up after your kids. Whatever the case, you'll probably encounter a spill or two! Fortunately, many of our carpets are sold with stain-resistant technology built right into their fibers, which makes cleaning common household stains a breeze. 

When dealing with a stain, you first need to determine if it's oil- or water-based. Some stains simply wipe away; others require a more comprehensive approach. Consult with your manufacturer's care guidelines to tackle these tougher messes.